I always thanked you for making me happy but what I never acknowledged was the thank you’s you owed me.

So, you’re welcome for wasting endless nights of sleep for you.

You’re welcome for all the tears I spilled onto my brand-new pillows.

You’re welcome for returning to you each and every time you chose to disappoint me.

You’re welcome for believing the best of you even when I knew deep down you were actually the worst.

You’re welcome for being so completely infatuated with you and never doubting those feelings.

You’re welcome for loving you with every ounce of my aching being.

You’re welcome for everything.

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Luv my tapestry and kimono
You can’t just make me different and then leave.
Looking for Alaska, John Green (via stevenbong)

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Never fall in love
With music on
You will risk
Your favorite song
it’s already too late for me. (via soulmeetsworld)

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A cauliflower gets an MRI scan at GE’s Global Research Center in Munich, Germany. Image sequenced using 5mm slices.